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Flow / Level

Our European partners SIKA have been developing and manufacturing sensors for flow measurement and monitoring for more than 45 years.

From paddle flow switches to turbine flow sensors we are able to offer you the optimal device for your application.

Our product specialists will be happy to help in finding a solution that best suits your application, both technically and economically.


Industrial cooling circuits
Water treatment

Flow Switches


The VTR sensor consists of the measuring turbine and a pick-up mounted on the outside. The liquid flows into the measuring turbine, which causes the rotor to move. Due to the characteristic internal diameter the speed of rotation is directly proportional to the flow rate. The moving rotor blades are detected by the pick-up and this is converted into a pulsed signal proportional to the flow rate.



A five-point calibration report can be supplied on request.

VTR Flow Sensors

Level Switches

Paddle Flow Switches

Positive Displacement Flow Sensors

There are two designs in the series the VMI and VMZ.



Owing to its robust metal housing and stable metal process connections, the VMI series is ideal for use in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction. Its design also makes its suitable for higher temperatures and process pressures, and the instrument is available in three different sizes.



The VMZ is a magnetic inductive flow sensor for electrically conductive liquids and has been specially designed for OEM applications. Thanks to the use of cost-effective plastic components, the VMZ is very reasonably priced, it has a compact and lightweight design and is available for six flow ranges.



Thread connection or QuickFasten

Models	VVX15	VVX20	VVX15
Nominal diameter	DN15	DN20	DN25
Flow range	2…40 l/min	5…80 l/min	7…150 l/min
Process connection	G3⁄4-ISO 228
male, optional G1⁄2	QuickFasten	G 11⁄4-ISO 228 male, optional G 1

SIKA Vortex


Plastic, brass and stainless steel types
Temperature measurement can be integrated on request
Plug connector or fixed connecting cable
Special bearings for low flow rates on request

Turbotron Flow Sensors

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