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Paddle Flow Switches

The paddle range of SIKA flow switches are for insertion installation and monitor the flow of low-viscosity media in pipes. They offer a reliable solution for ensuring the minimum flow rate and thereby protect high-quality systems and installations from damage. These flow switches work on the basis of the well-established mechanical operating principles.

Thanks to the different paddle lengths, the switch points of the paddle flow switches can be configured for a wide switching range. The flowing medium hits the plate secured to the end of a paddle. The resulting dynamic pressure causes the paddle to travel. This, in turn, causes the actuation of a micro switch.

Suitable for pipe sizes from 40 to 200mm diameter.

Paddle Flow Switches


Heating systems
Cooling circuits
Lubrication circuits
Heat pumps
Water-cooled welding equipment
Chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry
Cleaning systems and environmental protection facilities

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