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VTR Flow Sensors

SIKA’s VTR turbine flow sensor in stainless steel are used in many applications due to their robust construction and high accuracy, which allow you to determine precisely and easily the flow rates of different liquids, such as water and other low viscosity liquids.

The VTR sensor is particularly robust and, due to the wide range of nominal diameters, it has five different pick ups and can cope with even the most severe conditions. It is suitable for higher flow rates of 4-160 l/min

VTR Flow Sensors


Cooling circuits
Chemical industry
Water conditioning
Plastic and hydraulics


The VTR sensor consists of the measuring turbine and a pick-up mounted on the outside. The liquid flows into the measuring turbine, which causes the rotor to move. Due to the characteristic internal diameter the speed of rotation is directly proportional to the flow rate. The moving rotor blades are detected by the pick-up and this is converted into a pulsed signal proportional to the flow rate.


A five-point calibration report can be supplied on request.

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