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Turbotron Flow Sensors

For flow measurement or dosing applications, Turbotron flow sensors are suitable for universal applications. Constructed from extremely hard bearing materials – sapphire and tungsten carbide – also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance. Available with several output options and pipe sections in a variety of materials. Flow rate 2-40 l/min

Turbotron Flow Sensors


Fixed pulse rate, with practically no serial deviation
Wide measuring range from 1:20 to 1:42 (depending on model)
Available with nominal diameters DN 15, DN 20, DN 25 and DN 40
High degree of accuracy ensures reliable measurement results (+/-0.5% or +/-1%)
High quality sapphire bearing, low abrasion & extremely long running period
Specially designed guiding blades ensures uniform flow to the rotor from four sides, thus tremendous reduction of wear
Versatile can be installed in any position
Permanent operating temperatures up to 150 °C (VTP version)
Compact dimensions
Proven in numerous OEM-applications
With reinforced bearings for extended life expectancy
Service friendly


Plastic, brass and stainless steel types
Temperature measurement can be integrated on request
Plug connector or fixed connecting cable
Special bearings for low flow rates on request

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