Sika are unveiling their new hydraulic calibration manual pump P700.2 at MEORGA in Bochum. The successor to the P700.1L can operate with distilled water as well as hydraulic fluid over a pressure range of 0…700 bar, making it suitable for even more applications than the previous model. The visual appearance of the new manual test pump has been harmonised with the P40 product family. In this way SIKA also pursues a clear line in the visual domain.

The rugged construction features materials with excellent long-term resistance to water and oil. All parts in contact with working media on the high-pressure side are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel or anodised aluminium is also used on the unpressurised side. Despite its rugged construction, the new manual test pump weighs just 1600 g.

Other benefits of the P700.2 include a wide pressure setting range using a fine adjustment valve and an integrated pressure relief valve. In addition, the handle is designed to minimise the effort necessary to generate pressure.