Wireless Modular Force & Weight Measuring Systems

Measurement data transmission without cables

Does your application impose special requirements on the installation situation and the flexibility of force sensors, with cable installation being especially difficult?

Our solution is Wireless Modular. 

Many of the force sensors and load cells can be equipped with this special module for wireless measurement data transmission.

The strengths of the system are best seen in application, which do not permit any connecting cables to the sensor, which have a large distance between the sensor and the display, or in which the sensor location must be constantly changed.




  • Up to 32 sensors can be combined in a network
  • Range up to 200 m between sensor and receiver possible
  • Battery life up to 1,000 hours per charge.
  • Software available.
  • Many SIKA force sensors and load cells are available with Wireless Modular.

A system consists of a force sensor or a load cell fitted with a Wireless Modular module. The receiver consists of antenna and a connecting cable with either a USB or a RS232 connector.
A battery charger that can be connected directly to the sensor is provided to recharge the battery of the Wireless Modular module after around 1,000 operating hours.

For optimal connection of the sensors to your PC, we recommend the use of our WinWiMOD software. You can also process the measurement data according to your particular wishes, for example with a PLC, or you can read the values directly on the SIKA FMP2E on site.