Sika Temperature Calibrators TP Solid Series

The calibrators in the TP series the emphasis is on flexibility. Operation is easy, intuitive and allows fast access to comprehensive functions. In addition to dry block calibrators, micro calibration baths are also available to complete the portfolio. These baths are used as liquid bath calibrators with a magnetic stirrer that is controlled by rotary speed.

Reversible functions combined with an external sensor make it possible to test different temperature monitoring equipment without regard to shape, size or measurement method. A changeover switch allows users to change easily between the internal and external reference. All instruments in this series are equipped with a serial PC port.


Model Range
TP 17 200 S -55 to +200°C
TP 17 165 S -35 to +165°C
TP 17 166 S -35 to +165°C
TP 17 166 S-U -35 to +165°C
TP M 165 S -35 to +165°C
TP M 165 S-U -35 to +165°C
TP M 225 S ambient to +225°C
TP M 225 S-U ambient to +225°C
TP 17 450 S ambient to +450°C
TP 17 450 S-U ambient to +450°C
TP 17 650 S ambient to +650°C
TP 28 850 E ambient to +850°C
TP 17 ZERO -10 to +100°C


  • Laboratory
  • Test bays
  • Sensor Production



  • Transport case
  • Adaptor sleeve
  • PC software & cable
  • DKD Certification
  • Works Certificate