Sika Temperature Calibrators TP Premium Series

The TP Premium series stands for optimum performance, and are extremely flexible and easy to use. Thanks to the large 7″ LCD touch screen display and user-friendly menu navigation, it simplifies many processes and allows calibrating a large number of samples in a short period of time. The block and set temperature, as well as the difference and the variance of the stability, are displayed on the touch screen display. The block temperature can be set to precisely 0.001 °C. aluminum


Model Range
TP 38 165 E -35 to +165°C
TP 38 165 -35 to +165°C
TP 38 650 E ambient to +650°C
TP 38 650 ambient to +650°C
TP 28 1300 +400 to +1300°C
TP 3M 165 E -35 to +165°C


  • Laboratory
  • Test bays
  • Sensor Production
  • Marine / offshore industries



  • Transport case
  • Adaptor sleeve
  • PC software & cable
  • DKD Certification
  • Works Certificate