Sika Temperature Calibrators TP Basic Series

The temperature calibrators in the TP series have all the performance features necessary for on site inspections. With these instruments the focus is on efficiency and portability. The easy-to-use design and automatic functions have been carefully selected to facilitate operation. Resulting in quick, simple and efficient temperature calibrators that do not compromise on quality.

With various models in the series that cover temperature ranges from -35 up to +850°C. Type tested by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and approved for use on sea-going and in-land waterway vessels and in offshore operations.


Model Range
TP 17 200 -55 to +200°C
TP 17 165M -35 to +165°C
TP 17 165 -35 to +165°C
TP 17 166 -35 to +165°C
TP 18 200E ambient to +200°C
TP 17 450 ambient to +450°C
TP 17 650M ambient to +650°C
TP 17 650 ambient to +650°C
TP 18 850E ambient to +850°C


  • Laboratory
  • On-site
  • Marine



  • Transport case
  • Adaptor sleeve
  • DKD Certification
  • Works Certificate