SIKA Vortex

Precise flow measurement based on vortex shedding.

Alternate vortices rotating in opposite directions are generated behind a bluff body immersed in a flow. The vortices detach from the edges of the bluff body and form a Kármán vortex street in the fluid stream. The distance between the single vortices is constant. The frequency of the vortices flowing past a sensor depends on the flow rate and is proportional to the flow. The sensor detects these vortices which are then converted to an electrical frequency signal.




  • Solid state flow sensor with no moving parts for liquids → no mechanical wear
  • Rugged glass fibre reinforced plastic ensures highest strength & performance
  • Completely encapsulated piezo-ceramic sensor to detect the vortices → no direct contact with the medium
  • Wide measuring span (1:20)
  • Temperature sensor integrated
  • High interference resistance
  • Wetted parts metal-free



  • Analogue voltage signal and / or pulse signal is available for the flow
  • Resistance or analogue signal is available for the temperature


  • Thread connection or QuickFasten


Models VVX15 VVX20 VVX15
Nominal diameter DN15 DN20 DN25
Flow range 2…40 l/min 5…80 l/min 7…150 l/min
Process connection G3⁄4-ISO 228
male, optional G1⁄2
QuickFasten G 11⁄4-ISO 228 male, optional G 1


For further details see attached datasheet