PREMET Electronic Indicators

The new PREMET C is a state of art electronic cylinder pressure indicator. Using the latest technology from Kistler Switzerland, its accuracy and lifetime are setting a new standard.

The indicators are designed to be used on diesel, gas, steam and compressor engine applications for the marine market and mobile / stationary power stations and are not affected or restricted by heavy fuel oil.

This handheld measuring system is extremely robust and simple to use, with a self-explanatory interface and high-resolution colour display.

Quick measurements are possible without stopping the engine to install sensors.   For detailed engine analysis the Premet C can also be equipped with a TDC sensor, which enables the instrument to measure mean indicated pressure (MIP) and indicated power.

Seen as the next generation of cylinder pressure monitoring, The Premet C has a large integrated memory, which stores engine data and measurements, which can be downloaded to your PC for evaluation. With the option of an online computerized system that enables 24/7 cylinder pressure monitoring.

Available in different versions, each indicator can be optimized for our user’s needs.