Digital Electronic Controllers and indicators

SIKA’s range of high-performance indicator and controllers for temperature, pressure and analogue signals, are used in applications where it is necessary to reach and maintain a particular level, such as a system temperature. The controller compares the actual measured process value with the desired value and independently generates an output signal that minimises the difference between the set-point and actual values.

We offer solutions for various installation situations. Our standard electronic displays and controllers are plug-in modules for convenient front-panel mounting or replacement. We also offer instruments for rail mounting.

If indication of set-point and actual values is not necessary and little space is available for a control task, our blank controllers are the ideal solution. Parameter settings can be configured using a plug-in display and control module or a PC.

PID, 2-point and 3-point control modes with up to 5 output relays.




  • industrial burners
  • plastics injection moulding
  • combined heat and power plants
  • kitchen technology
  • medical technology