Available in both Alti-level and Remote Reading our range of Tank Contents Gauges are manufactured at our factory in Dunmurry. Are calibrated to our customer’s requirements, are easy to install with a choice of dial markings. When ordering please state liquid, viscosity, specific gravity, tank depth and capacity.

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Alti-level Tank Content Gauges

For continuous monitoring of tank contents with a depth of up to 10 metres. Brass, bronze or stainless steel contact parts ensure their suitability for a wide variety of liquids. The gauge is fitted at the bottom of the tank and shows the actual head of liquid above the gauge.

Remote Reading Tank Contents Gauges

An integral hand-pump and connection tubing make these gauges suitable for remote mounting up to 18 metres from the tank. Suitable for spot-checking tank contents in less accessible locations. The hand pump introduces air into the system, expelling all the liquid. Balancing the static head of the liquid in the tank enables the contents to be shown on the gauges.