Our European partners SIKA have been developing and manufacturing sensors for flow measurement and monitoring for more than 45 years.

From paddle flow switches to turbine flow sensors we are able to offer you the optimal device for your application.

Our product specialists will be happy to help in finding a solution that best suits your application, both technically and economically.

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Flow Switches

SIKA flow switches are used for monitoring volume flows. Depending on requirements, these are available for various nominal widths and set-point ranges. The modular approach allows product designs and options to be matched to a wide variety of applications. The broad temperature and pressure ranges, choice of materials and connection options ensure a very high level of versatility.

The flow switches are available in brass or stainless steel for robust Industrial applications, or reinforced fibreglass plastic for cost-effective OEM applications.

The range of flow switches can be co-engineered and tailored to suit specific customer requirements, with special factory-adjusted switching points.

Level Switches

SIKA level switches are the easy and reliable solution for monitoring fluid levels. The switches are installed at the side using G¾ or G½ thread sizes. The time-tested float principle and a potential-free contact as the signaling transmitter guarantee a high level of operational safety.

The rising level in the tank forces the float up. Via paddle system, the magnet changes its position relative to reed contact and actuates it. The repulsion between the two homopolar magnets supports the buoyancy. As soon as the level sinks again, the float follows and the magnet actuates the reed contact again.

Series VHS level switches are made from brass or stainless steel and are available with different floats and PVC connection cable, including a cable socket.


Paddle Flow Switches

The paddle range of SIKA flow switches are for insertion installation and monitor the flow of low-viscosity media in pipes. They offer a reliable solution for ensuring the minimum flow rate and thereby protect high-quality systems and installations from damage. These flow switches work on the basis of the well-established mechanical operating principles.

Thanks to the different paddle lengths, the switch points of the paddle flow switches can be configured for a wide switching range. The flowing medium hits the plate secured to the end of a paddle. The resulting dynamic pressure causes the paddle to travel. This, in turn, causes the actuation of a micro switch.

Suitable for pipe sizes from 40 to 200mm diameter.

Positive Displacement Flow Sensors

Gearwheel type flow sensors from SIKA record volume flows of liquids with both high and changing viscosities. The high-precision sensors work according to the displacement principle. The high resolution combined with reliable measurement accuracy make the sensors especially useful for applications involving the measurement of small and very small volumes.

In principle, the measurement accuracy is increased for high viscosities. Conversely, the measurement accuracy is lower with a viscosity of less than 10 mm²/s. Due to their construction gearwheel type flow sensors require a certain lubricity of the fluid being measured. Operation with non-lubricating media, e.g. water, is not possible.

Series VZ-S Positive displacement flow sensors are available with a variety of casing and sealing materials, meaning they can be universally used for different measurement media.


The smart flow sensors of the induQ series operate according to the principle of induction. This series of compact and low cost magnetic inductive flow sensors bring reliable flow measurement to processes where it was previously not considered possible.

Changes to the temperature, density, viscosity, concentration or electrical conductivity of the medium will not affect the output signal.

SIKA Vortex

Precise flow measurement based on vortex shedding.

Alternate vortices rotating in opposite directions are generated behind a bluff body immersed in a flow. The vortices detach from the edges of the bluff body and form a Kármán vortex street in the fluid stream. The distance between the single vortices is constant. The frequency of the vortices flowing past a sensor depends on the flow rate and is proportional to the flow. The sensor detects these vortices which are then converted to an electrical frequency signal.

Turbotron Flow Sensors

For flow measurement or dosing applications, Turbotron flow sensors are suitable for universal applications. Constructed from extremely hard bearing materials – sapphire and tungsten carbide – also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance. Available with several output options and pipe sections in a variety of materials. Flow rate 2-40 l/min

VTR Flow Sensors

SIKA’s VTR turbine flow sensor in stainless steel are used in many applications due to their robust construction and high accuracy, which allow you to determine precisely and easily the flow rates of different liquids, such as water and other low viscosity liquids.

The VTR sensor is particularly robust and, due to the wide range of nominal diameters, it has five different pick ups and can cope with even the most severe conditions. It is suitable for higher flow rates of 4-160 l/min