We offer a broad range of high quality and reliable diagnostic and indicator instruments to monitor engine efficiency and to ensure long service life.

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Exhaust Gas Pyrometers

Keeping your diesel engine within proper exhaust gas temperature (EGT) parameters is vital to ensure the proper operation, reliability and longevity of your engine.

Our robust diesel exhaust thermometers are specifically designed to measure the temperature of diesel engine exhaust gas. Allowing you to utilize upgrades, whilst keeping your engine safe and out of danger.

 Our Pyrometer Gauge’s are all glycerine filled to overcome the effects of vibrations and lubricated to withstand the harsh environment of a diesel engine.

Indicators Valves

AS Schneider’s unique spring-loaded spindle ensures reliable valve operation under severe conditions of high temperature and vibration.

Any movement of the valve stem due to engine vibration tends to tighten the valve stem against its seat thus eliminating the possibility of opening under operating conditions.

Wide range of indicator and engine connections available.

PAJ Water in Oil Sensors

The WIO200 water-in-oil sensor measures water/moisture in oil, by measuring the relative humidity and water activity. It provides a 4-20mA analogue output and two relay alarm outputs. The sensor is calibrated for different oil types and performs continual oil analysis rather than discrete samples. As well as providing advance warnings of problems, it can also be used to ensure that separators, filters and driers are only running when actually needed.

The WIO200 sensor is available with an associated terminal box. The terminal box provides power to the sensor, links the sensor to any external condition monitoring system, and provides a local visual indication of the water level in the oil.

Please see pdf data sheet for full technical specification.

PAJ- WIO Water-in-Oil Sensor Integrated

The integrated solution combines the sensor and terminal box in one housing, with a display and buttons in a robust, metal housing, complete with standard 5m cables. It is built on the same platform as their current products, and therefore has the same fundamental specifications.

Peak Pressure Indicators

LEMAG Peak Pressure Indicators are robust, reliable and precise and used to measure the firing pressure of internal-combustion engines. All models are fully approved by Germanischen Lloyd (GL).

LEMAG Peak Pressure Indicators are designed for single measurements only, and are not for continuous operation. The respective measuring period should not exceed 30 sec. This is not a problem in normal practice, as peak pressure is indicated after 5 sec.

PREMET Electronic Indicators

The new PREMET C is a state of art electronic cylinder pressure indicator. Using the latest technology from Kistler Switzerland, its accuracy and lifetime are setting a new standard.

The indicators are designed to be used on diesel, gas, steam and compressor engine applications for the marine market and mobile / stationary power stations and are not affected or restricted by heavy fuel oil.

This handheld measuring system is extremely robust and simple to use, with a self-explanatory interface and high-resolution colour display.

Quick measurements are possible without stopping the engine to install sensors.   For detailed engine analysis the Premet C can also be equipped with a TDC sensor, which enables the instrument to measure mean indicated pressure (MIP) and indicated power.

Seen as the next generation of cylinder pressure monitoring, The Premet C has a large integrated memory, which stores engine data and measurements, which can be downloaded to your PC for evaluation. With the option of an online computerized system that enables 24/7 cylinder pressure monitoring.

Available in different versions, each indicator can be optimized for our user’s needs.