Our strength is our flexibility in developing customised solutions.
Supported by our European partners, who have a wealth of experience in innovative technology, we can offer our customers a broad range of electronic instrumentation with long-term reliability and a comprehensive range of services.

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Digital Electronic Controllers and indicators

SIKA’s range of high-performance indicator and controllers for temperature, pressure and analogue signals, are used in applications where it is necessary to reach and maintain a particular level, such as a system temperature. The controller compares the actual measured process value with the desired value and independently generates an output signal that minimises the difference between the set-point and actual values.

We offer solutions for various installation situations. Our standard electronic displays and controllers are plug-in modules for convenient front-panel mounting or replacement. We also offer instruments for rail mounting.

If indication of set-point and actual values is not necessary and little space is available for a control task, our blank controllers are the ideal solution. Parameter settings can be configured using a plug-in display and control module or a PC.

PID, 2-point and 3-point control modes with up to 5 output relays.

Digital Handheld Instruments for Measuring Temperature, Humidity & Pressure

The SIKA range of hand-held digital measuring instruments and infrared thermometers are highly versatile, and extremely accurate, and are equally suitable for simple measurements and specialist applications.

With a multi function display measuring tasks are quickly and easily carried out. The membrane keypad guarantees protection against dust and moisture.

Automatic sensor recognition through standard DIN socket provides a plug-&-play solution that is easy to install.

The majority of instruments in this range are fitted with a serial interface to transfer the measurement values to a PC. Software packages are available with extensive recorder and display functions. Process sequences can then be monitored and analysed clearly.

Digital Tachometers

The digital hand-tachometer is a compact measuring unit for proximity measurement of rotational speed.   It focuses a beam of light at a thin sticker attached to the object, which reflects it at the speed of rotation. The result appears immediately on the 5-digit LCD.

Two types available for contact and non-contact measurement of RPM, surface speed and length.

The distance between the redpoint and the test object can be up to 600 mm.

The digital hand-tachometer is just as useful when setting up plants and machinery as during service jobs, monitoring manufacturing processes or in development laboratories.

Pressure Sensors

Extensive range of high precision pressure sensors, with measuring principles and connection variants for all applications where pressure has to be converted to an electrical signal.

Thanks to the ease at which these reliable sensors can be installed, commissioned and operated, they are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

SIKA Digital Pressure Gauges

A range of digital reference pressure gauges including bar graph displays and backlighting options. Digital pressure gauges are particularly suitable for both stationary and mobile measurement and display of pressure. They can be used as reference pressure gauges to simplify the checking, adjustment and calibration of other pressure measurement devices directly on site. Easily to use and read.

Temperature Sensors

We offer a wide of resistance thermometers and thermocouples with an extensive range of protecting tubes. We can offer individual solutions to your measuring problem, and develop temperature sensors that are tailored to your application.

Temperature sensors have very distinct fields of operation and the conditions they are subject to are often harsh. A variety of requirements must be considered when developing the sensors:

  • Installation locations
  • Environmental conditions
  • Vibration resistance
  • Short response times

Wireless Modular Force & Weight Measuring Systems

Measurement data transmission without cables

Does your application impose special requirements on the installation situation and the flexibility of force sensors, with cable installation being especially difficult?

Our solution is Wireless Modular. 

Many of the force sensors and load cells can be equipped with this special module for wireless measurement data transmission.

The strengths of the system are best seen in application, which do not permit any connecting cables to the sensor, which have a large distance between the sensor and the display, or in which the sensor location must be constantly changed.