As well as offering our own portable pressure test pumps, Star Instruments Ltd are proud to be the sole UK agents for European partner SIKA, who have a global reputation of offering reliable, precise and innovative calibration technology that has been trusted and used around the world since 1901

The need to test and calibrate instrumentation has never been as important as now. Two or three degrees inaccuracy can lead to higher fuel bills, product spoilage, bacterial infection and unsafe operation of machinery to pose just a few possibilities. This is where the SIKA range of calibrators is effective offering a wide selection of temperature and accuracy options. Indeed in some sectors of industry it is obligatory to regularly inspect temperature sensors whilst in others it is considered best practice.

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Digital Handheld Instruments for Measuring Temperature, Humidity & Pressure

The SIKA range of hand-held digital measuring instruments and infrared thermometers are highly versatile, and extremely accurate, and are equally suitable for simple measurements and specialist applications.

With a multi function display measuring tasks are quickly and easily carried out. The membrane keypad guarantees protection against dust and moisture.

Automatic sensor recognition through standard DIN socket provides a plug-&-play solution that is easy to install.

The majority of instruments in this range are fitted with a serial interface to transfer the measurement values to a PC. Software packages are available with extensive recorder and display functions. Process sequences can then be monitored and analysed clearly.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pressure Calibrators

Pneumatic and hydraulic hand operated pressure calibrators for performing necessary test and calibration tasks quickly.

Their low weight and compact design make them easy to transport.


Portable Pressure Test Pumps

To assist with Quality Standard Audits, Health and Safety requirements and pressure system legislation Star Instruments Ltd can supply specialised test pumps that can be designed to our customer’s specific requirements.

Designed for on-site checking of pressure gauges, switches and sensors, this simple to use, robust unit can be supplied with ±1% f.s.d accuracy test gauges.

Portable with lightweight carry case, and can include a variety of adaptors to suit your needs.

Sika Temperature Calibrators TP Basic Series

The temperature calibrators in the TP series have all the performance features necessary for on site inspections. With these instruments the focus is on efficiency and portability. The easy-to-use design and automatic functions have been carefully selected to facilitate operation. Resulting in quick, simple and efficient temperature calibrators that do not compromise on quality.

With various models in the series that cover temperature ranges from -35 up to +850°C. Type tested by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and approved for use on sea-going and in-land waterway vessels and in offshore operations.

Sika Temperature Calibrators TP Premium Series

The TP Premium series stands for optimum performance, and are extremely flexible and easy to use. Thanks to the large 7″ LCD touch screen display and user-friendly menu navigation, it simplifies many processes and allows calibrating a large number of samples in a short period of time. The block and set temperature, as well as the difference and the variance of the stability, are displayed on the touch screen display. The block temperature can be set to precisely 0.001 °C. aluminum

Sika Temperature Calibrators TP Solid Series

The calibrators in the TP series the emphasis is on flexibility. Operation is easy, intuitive and allows fast access to comprehensive functions. In addition to dry block calibrators, micro calibration baths are also available to complete the portfolio. These baths are used as liquid bath calibrators with a magnetic stirrer that is controlled by rotary speed.

Reversible functions combined with an external sensor make it possible to test different temperature monitoring equipment without regard to shape, size or measurement method. A changeover switch allows users to change easily between the internal and external reference. All instruments in this series are equipped with a serial PC port.


Universal pocket and multi function simulators for the measurement and simulation of process signals.

These portable and highly reliable cutting-edge instruments are extremely handy and ideal for on-site use.

In addition to electrical signals such as current, voltage and resistance, further variables such as temperature, pressure and frequency can be measured and additionally generated.