Star Instruments celebrated whilst simultaneously shed a few tears as veteran Michael McShane retired having served a whopping 30-year service.

Michael has been a great employee to Star instruments through the years. He has been an integral figure in the history, the progression and the development of the company. He has worked under several Chief Executives, he has been involved in the development of a vast range of pressure and flow instrumentation, but most importantly he has been an integral figure of the Star Instruments family that has been designing custom engineered pressure instrumentation for over fifty years.

Both Chief Executive, Stephen Donnelly and Director, Shauna Donnelly expressed their gratitude during a reception for Michael’s hard work, dedication and commitment over the year’s and highlighted that without it, Star Instruments would not be the outstanding success it is today.

We all at Star Instruments extend and express our best wishes to Michael on this new stage of his life. That said however, the door at Star will always be open you Mickey, so please pop in and say hello!