SIKA – SIKA thermometerMeasurement technology for district heating stations


SIKA’s high quality and durable measurement devices are used to ensure that operating temperatures and pressures within district heating substations can always be precisely measured and monitored. This market leader in the manufacture of industrial thermometers relies on its many years of experience. For many years SIKA has manufactured measurement systems for heating and air conditioning applications in buildings. The company’s key applications include equipping district heating substations with mechanical temperature and pressure measurement technology, such as Sika industrial thermometers, bi-metal dial thermometers, standard pressure gauges and spacesaving combination units.

The SIKA Industrial Thermometer is a quality temperature measuring instrument that is extremely accurate and excellent value for money. In particular, its exceptionally long life distinguishes the SIKA industrial thermometer from other thermometers. The instruments are often in service for decades, providing excellent value for money. “The purchase price is slightly higher than a bi-metal dial thermometer, but the industrial thermometer pays for itself in the long run,” explains the product area manager for mechanical measurement, Steffen Rörentrop.

In the area of district heating transfer stations, SIKA makes specific versions of the industrial thermometer, the immersion nozzles of which are welded directly to the installation. The classic welding sleeve is not needed, which means a component can be dispensed with. If the glass thermometer has a mechanical defect such as a broken glass insert, then – unlike dial thermometers – this is immediately visible. This means that immediate action can be taken.

SIKA industrial thermometers are of a very high quality. Advantages compared to other manufacturers’ thermometers are the high-quality finish of the housing, the permanently diffused scale printed in the anodized layer and permanently imprinted division on the glass insert. In addition, the large measurement volume minimises ambient temperature errors and the special manufacturing process reduces tension in the glass. The high measurement accuracy without the use of an electric power supply and the highly accurate individual item testing are further features of the SIKA industrial thermometer.

The simple and practical bi-metal dial thermometer is also part of SIKA’s programme. It is a reliable and inexpensive instrument for measuring temperature in medium to small district heating stations.

Standard pressure gauges of class 1.6 for heating applications are used in transfer stations of all output classes. For higher demands, the Bourdon tube gauge is also available as an industrial pressure gauge in a stainless steel housing and with accuracy class 1. For these SIKA provides a comprehensive range of pressure gauge accessories. Among other things, syphons, shut-off valves and pressure surge reducers.

The thermo-pressure gauge is a space-saving and low-cost combination device for measuring temperature and pressure at only one measuring point. The devices feature a self-closing automatic valve. This allows the measurement device to be replaced without draining the transfer station.

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