SIKA Temperature Sensors – SIKA Temperature Sensors, Temperature SensorReliable Temperature Measurement in Combined Heat and Power Units.

A combined heat and power (CHP) unit is used to produce heat and electricity. The principle is based on combined heat and power (CHP). The plant is usually operated at the point of consumption. This can be, for example, a biogas plant, an industrial plant, a public building or a private residence. Systems with combustion engines that power a generator are the most widely used. The heat from the exhaust gas and the cooling water circuit of the engines can be used, for example, for the heating of industrial water, for heating the fermenter of a biogas plant or as process heat. The fuels most often used are fuel oil, vegetable oil, biodiesel, natural gas or biogas.

Optimal operation of a combined heat and power unit requires a reliable temperature sensor system. The temperature must be controlled precisely and reliably at several measuring points. Thus the exhaust gas temperature, which varies in a temperature range of 600 to 800°C, is measured at the cylinders as well as before and after the exhaust gas turbocharger. In view of the increasingly stringent exhaust gas standards, the feedback control of the engine is becoming more important in the measurement of the exhaust gas temperature. SIKA thermocouples are particularly well suited for this use and therefore also widely used in combined heat and power units. Measurement using the resistance thermometer Pt1000 has recently become possible in this temperature range. SIKA has many years of experience in the area of temperature measurement in the marine engine sector, even in harsh environmental conditions. For many years the measurement equipment manufacturer has equipped diesel engines with its accurate, long-term stable and durable quality products.

Oil temperature measurement and cooling water monitoring within the CHP plant continue to play a significant role. It is particularly important in safeguarding the system from overheating. The internal combustion engine is safeguarded, for example, from overheating by a cooling water circuit. The higher the temperature difference between cooling water supply and return, the more efficient the CHP plant is. Furthermore, some fuels must be preheated to a certain temperature. SIKA temperature sensors and resistance thermometers can help to operate CHP units even more safely and more efficiently. The temperature sensors and thermometers are highly reliable and cover a wide measurement range. Above all, however, SIKA products are characterised by the fact that they can be both standard solutions and tailor-made to customer specifications.

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