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Precision is the key ingredient for consistent product quality which is why an exact temperature measurement and exact temperature monitoring are given high priority when it comes to operational safety for machines and industrial plants. Consistent product quality can only be provided for through precise temperature settings and monitoring. Imprecise temperature measurements even increase the risk of accident or malfunction. This can mean a reduction in the lifetime of both machine and product. False measurements can even lead to an increase in energy consumption. This leads to undesirable results, such as increased costs, customer dissatisfaction and significant reputation damage.

Early problem identification

Problems can be quickly identified and fixed by regularly inspecting the temperature sensors, which are exposed to mechanical, thermal and chemical stress, especially during industrial use. The only way to gain accurate information regarding the difference between actual temperature and measured temperature is by regularly calibrating the sensors. Which is why the calibration of temperature sensors is given particularly high priority and is absolutely necessary, for both economic and safety reasons, as well as obligatory in many industrial areas.

At present, users finds themselves facing a wide range of very different models for this purpose. In-line and surface sensors are often used to measure temperature, and the number of touch-less IR temperature sensors in use is growing. This means the tasks at hand are becoming more and more extensive when it comes to calibration techniques.

The multi-calibrator – the right principle for any task

Temperature calibrators and calibration baths are already commonplace as part of the service technician’s standard equipment in many areas in developmental and research laboratories, testing bays, and production. With their diverse range of products, SIKA offers a wide-range of solutions for various measuring problems. Customers across the world rely on the technical standards of SIKA products. And to make sure they can always be called on to tackle fresh challenges, the North Hesse Company has introduced another innovative product to the market, the TP Multi-Series. The company continues to rely on high-quality products featuring long life, high precision, and simple and practical use. This goes for the multi-function calibrators, too, in their combination of precision and flexibility. These compact and robust calibrators are easy to transport, simple to use, and have all the operational features needed for on-site testing.

Equipment and technical information

With its excellent resolution of 0.01 degrees Celsius, the TP Multi-Series is available for use in three temperature ranges. One from -35 to 165 degrees Celsius, as well as for ambient temperatures up to 200 and 400 degrees Celsius.
The calibrators are equipped with a precisely regulated metal block or fluid tank, which is isolated and built into the housing, as a heat source. Various measuring sleeves or
calibrating liquids are used for different calibration tasks.

The temperature control is found on the front panel. The set temperature is indicated here on an LED display. The current calibration temperature and active calibrating function are shown alternately. This gives the user an overview of the current state of calibration at all times.

Thanks to its many uses and unsurpassed measuring precision, the TP Multi-Series is a
cherished tool among service mechanics and it has become impossible to imagine
monitoring an industrial plant without it.

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