Hand-held Infrared Thermometers

Temperature measurement of dangerous matter (e.g. electrically live parts, chemically aggressive materials) and in locations difficult to access.

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SolarTemp/DiTemp Digital Thermometers

SIKA solar or long life lithium battery powered thermometers providing lasting accuracy and freedom from maintenance for the whole life span of the instrument. Solely digital or digital with analogue trend display options available.

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Tempstar Range

Low Cost
Two temperature ranges available
“LT”: -40 C to +50 C (-40 F to 122 F)
“HT”: -10 C to +110 C (-14 F to 230 F)

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This portable digital thermometer is ideal for the following applications, Heating & Ventilating, Refrigeration, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Automobile. It has a selection of deg C or deg F for display. Complete with one metre of cable, stainless steel probe, stand and battery. Also with clock display and adjustable high and low temperature alarms. Selectable sensing rate, one second or ten seconds.

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